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Mighty Roots – Acorns.Community Social Platform

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A haven for the home education community network to feel grounded, whilst raising our little acorns high.


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Home Grown & Simple To Use

User interface that is familiar, but is Acorns Built and Owned to the Core


Finally! A dedicated activity newsfeed that is home education based in ONE place! Invite all your communities so that it truly is a ONE -Base Home Ed Social Place!


Join Community Conversation Circles that are topic based to avoid the never ending scroll and to connect with likeminded members on chats you want to be part of.


Mums, Dads, Home Educators, Mentors and Home Education Supporters and Providers . Together building the villages that raise our sons and daughters. Join Us!.


Community Experts & keep up to date with updates and news from the Home Education Community and truly collaborate with all the home education communities in one place.

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Show your support for the Home Education Generation era and educate the nation with wholesome cute designs. Your purchase protects and grows our community.

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Share our blog articles to grow our community and invite new members via a simple email invite. Featured Spotlight areas for prime collaboration with HE communities.

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Find your tribe with common interests and situations. Meet new friends in the circles. Join the ones that appeal to what you like.

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Creating our own media! Our community to share thoughts and ideas. Post articles, images and more...

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Start a forum topic or comment on someone elses. Share ideas and get community feedback.

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Make status updates to your friends and more with posts, images, videos and links.

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If we build it, they will come! Let’s collaborate together and minimise some of our channel overwhelm!

Member Ratings

This is exactly what I have been looking for! I am new to home education, and oh my days, there are soooo many channels, info and groups! Finally a place where we can all be off of mainstream social media!
John Doe
What I find to be genius on Acorns Corner, is that the members merch means we are more likely to attract those online that are genuine home educators and it spreads awareness offline to grow communities!
John Doe
Sometimes, you just need a home! Having multiple whatsapp groups, signal chats, and the umpteen facebook groups. The distraction and notifications is intense. Thank you Mighty Network Acorns! Fab!
John Doe

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